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Artivist Entertainment & #CultureFix Host a Community Forum All Things Connected: Building Solidarity Between Communities of Color

CharLA 3 - All Things Connected: Building Solidarity Between Communities Of Color





Artivist Entertainment & #CultureFix Host a Community Forum

All Things Connected: Building Solidarity Between Communities of Color

Special Guest Speakers Include Gina Belafonte, Dr. Melina Abdullah, Nobuko Miyamoto and Meymuna Hussein-Cattan

Moderated by Nora Rahimian with a special performance by Omar Offendum

Artivist Entertainment’s Third CharLA Community Forum Series Event Takes Place at Community Coalition in South Los Angeles on Sunday May 21st


Los Angeles, CA (May 18, 2017): For the past three years, Los Angeles-based organization Artivist Entertainment has hosted community forums called CharLAs as a form of bringing people together to discuss social issues, art as a tool for positive social change and community organizing.

Charla is the Spanish word for chat, and while there is generally a performance aspect to the events, the focus is to discuss the topic at hand with local leaders. On May 21st, Artivist Entertainment together with #CultureFix, will present its third CharLA event titled All Things Connected: Building Solidarity Between Communities of Color at the Community Coalition in South Los Angeles. Special guest speakers include Gina Belafonte, co-founder of Sankofa; Dr. Melina Abdullah, Professor & Chair of Pan African Studies at CalState LA and Black Lives Matter LA Organizer; Nobuko Miyamoto, Artistic Director of Great Leap, Inc.; Meymuna Hussein-Cattan, Co-Founder of Tiyya Foundation; and moderated by Nora Rahimian, Cultural Curator and Co-Founder of #CultureFix. Syrian-American hip-hop artist Omar Offendum will perform.

All Things Connected will be a dialogue about the interconnectedness of the struggles of people of Color. The discussion will go into the topics of solidarity, healing, resistance, fighting against divide-and-conquer tactics and the power of diversity.


All Things Connected: Building Solidarity Between Communities of Color

Sunday, May 21st at 2pm

Community Coalition

8101 S. Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90044

$5.00 suggested donation – a community, alcohol free, family friendly event

About Artivist Entertainment

Artivist Entertainment is a Los Angeles based organization founded by Aloe Blacc, Maya Jupiter, Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzalez and Alberto Lopez; dedicated to supporting and creating music and art that inspires positive social change. For more information on Artivist Entertainment, please visit www.artivistentertainment.com.

About #CultureFix

#CultureFix is a global collaborative network of artivists, cultural producers and change makers who use the arts and culture to effect social change in their communities.





“Inshallah” is a song I wrote when I was pregnant for the first time, with my daughter, Mandela.

I was visiting Sydney and broke the news to my Mother. Being Turkish, she kept knocking on the wooden kitchen table and saying “Mashallah” meaning “God Bless.” She was overjoyed.

Later on, I was with Aloe and we were talking about the meaning of Inshallah (God Willing) and Mashallah, he started singing the chorus and the song was born

"Inshallah" video Istanbul Image

Image from “Inshallah” video. Art by Eliza Reisfeld.

It is a song filled with all my wishes, fears and hopes as a new Mother. I know it sounds crazy but I didn’t really fully grasp the miracle of pregnancy until I became pregnant. Then I kept yelling at people “do you know how crazy this is?!”

It’s the first time I truly felt powerless and full of worry. I called my Mother and I asked her, when does the worrying end? She laughed and said, “Never!”

Being pregnant, you have no control over your body and the development of new life. You can only wish and hope that things go smoothly. Then you worry about child birth, then you worry about the first 3 months of life and you check if they’re breathing every other day. Then you worry about them falling off the bed when they can roll over. It really is endless!
My Mother said to me, “Then you worry when they get their driver’s license and then when they move to another country!” Needless to say, I had to learn that I can’t control everything because some things are beyond our control.

Inshallah Video Image Sichuan Collage

Image from “Inshallah” video. Art by Eliza Reisfeld.

In another part of the song, I imagine all the wonderful characteristics she’ll posses one day.

Will she be fair, unbiased and just?
A woman to be loved and a friend you can trust
who’s fighting for freedom and the voices unheard
I’m telling the whole world get ready for this girl!
powerful, kind, educated and funny
compassionate to strangers, generous with her money  

It’s funny because now that she knows the lyrics, as a 3 year old she said to me “You didn’t know I’d be silly Mummy!”

“Inshallah” is produced by Quetzal Flores and features Qanoon and Oud played by world renowned musician from Jordan, Halim Al-khatib. I met Halim through a story tellers writing course I facilitated for Tiyya, an organisation dedicated to supporting refugees and displaced Americans.

It also features the vocals of Mia Xitlali and Sandino González-Flores.

Drums by Evan Cristo, Bass by Juan “El Unico” Perez, Keys by Quincy McCrary and Guitar by Quetzal Flores.

"Inshallah" Video Collage Ferguson

Image from “Inshallah” video. Art by Eliza Reisfeld.

For the video, we wanted to showcase women and daughters around the world and show how no matter where we live we all want the same thing; for our children to be fed, to be safe, to have access to opportunity and to live in peace. I teamed up with an extremely talented collective, RogueMark Studios who created the beautiful visuals for the song. I came across their work at the J18 event at UCLA. Professor Ananya Roy had made a video with them titled 3 Truths About Trumpism and as soon as I saw their incredible creativity I knew I had to collaborate with them. The video is produced by Abby VanMuijen, Art by Eliza Reisfeld and Animation by Marisa Rafter.

“Inshallah” is a song dear to my heart and very special for my family and I hope that it becomes special for you too.

The video will be available through YouTube and Facebook on Mother’s Day – May 14th.


THE ETERNAL GETDOWN album cover. Cover art by Jose Ramirez.
THE ETERNAL GETDOWN album cover image - cover art by Jose Ramirez

THE ETERNAL GETDOWN album cover image. Cover art by Jose Ramirez.

GRAMMY Award® winning band Quetzal celebrates the release of its seventh studio album The Eternal Getdown at the Aratani Theatre in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Special guest performers include Aloe Blacc, Ramón Gutiérrez, Rocío Marrón, César Castro, and Joey De Léon.


For more than 20 years, the East L.A. Chican@ rock group has been fighting oppression with their unique, culturally diverse soundscapes. The Eternal Getdown (available on March 25th) is Quetzal’s second Tradiciones/Traditions series release under Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Based in artivism (art + activism), feminist ideals, and the relentless belief that making music together has the profound potential for positive social change, The Eternal Getdown is hailing us to make some noise, to speak up, and to stomp forward in a time that is all too critical. Quetzal’s previous Folkways Recordings album titled Imaginaries, was recognized by The Recording Academy® with a GRAMMY Award® for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album in 2012.


Founding band member Quetzal Flores, and partner Martha González, have been creating music that speaks to the responsibility of bearing witness to one’s community and acting as agents of transformation. Having grown up in East L.A., they internalized the unique overlap of diverse cultures, sounds, and struggles, and The Eternal Getdown is a continuation of their artivist efforts. Quetzal’s music incorporates traditional son jarocho, Cuban batá, funk, Chicano rock, soul, and rhythm and blues, which encourages listeners to recognize the fluidity of the varying sounds, and the historical and ancestral relationship between them.Quetzal has long served as a mirror that reflects back affirmations of belonging and thriving in the face of brutality.  This album and concert is a call to humanity to re-member the fabric that binds us and nurtures us, community,” said Martha.
“JACCC is so excited to present the album release concert for Quetzal’s The Eternal Getdown,” said Alison De La Cruz, Director of Performing Arts & Community Engagement. “This album is musical medicine and fortifies our communities for the current struggles to create meaningful human connections and change in a time of growing fear and isolation. We are excited to welcome not only the 9 members of Quetzal to our stage, but the over 16 guest artists who will truly make this show a night that will be talked about for years to come.”



Aratani Theatre

244 South San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 628-2725

TICKETS: $25-$35, available at JACCC.org






"Crumble" video image

Los Angeles, CA (October 14, 2016): Artivist, MC and youth mentor Maya Jupiter released her new music video “Crumble” this week, written by Jupiter and GRAMMY® winning musician and producer Quetzal Flores. The song is a remake of the title track from Akira Boch’s independent film The Crumbles. The song highlights the school-to-prison pipeline issue affecting students in the United States. The video is directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Kimberly Bautista, and features sketch art by renowned political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz. “Crumble” is available for viewing on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Jiro1LRK3Xw.

Maya Jupiter will perform “Crumble” at the #SchoolsNotPrisons Arts & Music Tour today. The event will mix community presentations with performances by Maya Jupiter, Aloe Blacc, Ceci Bastida, Buyepongo, DJ Antiq and Big June. The free all-ages event will be at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, 404 Euclid avenue, San Diego, CA 92114. The event is alcohol and drug free and begins at 5:30 p.m.

A diverse group of San Diego community organizations is supporting the tour, including ACLU San Diego; Alliance San Diego; American Friends Service Committee, US-Mexico Border Program; California State University San Marcos; Homie UP; National Latino Research Center; FutureTrans; San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium; San Diego State University, School of Social Work; First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego; Souls Offering Loving and Compassionate Ears Interfaith Detention Center Visitation Project (SOLACE); and Southern California Immigration Project.

“I was inspired to speak about the school-to-prison pipeline, the prison industrial complex and violence I’ve been witnessing,” said Maya Jupiter. “The system we have doesn’t work, we need to re-imagine a healthier society. That’s why I wrote the song ‘Crumble’ and why I wanted to be a part of the #SchoolsNotPrisons tour.”

“Crumble” Video link: https://youtu.be/Jiro1LRK3Xw


About Artivist Entertainment

Artivist Entertainment is a Los Angeles based organization founded by Aloe Blacc, Maya Jupiter, Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzalez and Alberto Lopez; dedicated to supporting and creating music and art that inspires positive social change. For more information on Artivist Entertainment, please visit www.artivistentertainment.com.

About the #SchoolsNotPrisons Tour

The 12-stop #SchoolsNotPrisons tour kicked off Aug. 6 in Sacramento and includes stops in San Bernardino, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, Coachella, Oxnard, San Diego, and Stockton, as well as performances inside three correctional facilities. The tour is being produced by Revolve Impact, a Los Angeles-based global social impact firm specializing in integrating arts and culture into justice-related campaigns. Participating performers include La Santa Cecilia, Pusha T, Ceci Bastida, John Forte, Audio Push, Diggy Simmons, Ty Dolla $ign, Low Leaf, Kimya Dawson, Jasiri X, Buyepongo, Los Rakas, and others to be announced. Support for the tour is being provided by The California Endowment and The California Wellness Foundation, in partnership with TIDAL, the global music and entertainment platform. For the tour schedule and more information, see http://SchoolsNotPrisons.vote.

About School-To-Prison-Pipeline

“School-to-prison pipeline is a metaphor used to describe the increasing patterns of contact students have with the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems as a result of the recent practices implemented by educational institutions, specifically zero tolerance policies and the use of police in schools.” –Wikipedia.org




Image from Maya Jupiter's


Los Angeles, CA (August 19, 2016): Artivist, MC and youth mentor Maya Jupiter releases her new music video “Madre Tierra” (Mother Earth) today, a song that demonstrates how women mirror the Earth in beauty and strength but also in the power of her wrath. “Madre Tierra” interrogates women’s varied roles in the home, the public sphere, on political levels and all the ways we shape social political culture, drawing on various historical references of women who have had significant impact on the world and in critical thought. The video both in imagery and lyrical content reminds the viewer of the important work women do on a daily basis.

The video’s director Kimberly Bautista, filmmaker and crusader against violence towards women, incorporates the work of Mexican animator Diego Vargas to create visually powerful imagery to compliment the strong lyrics that make up the song.

The video releases today via Maya Jupiter’s YouTube page at www.youtube.com/mayajupiter where Maya will also host a live stream discussion event at 8:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time), Friday, August 19th. The discussion will include special guest Jollene Levid of Af3irm, director Kimberly Bautista, choreographer Kara Mack, Tongan vocalist SistaNative and Dr. Martha Gonzalez of Quetzal.

“’Madre Tierra’” is my way of showing the power of women as Mother Earth. I wanted to express all the ways we love, nurture, care, fight and struggle,” said Maya Jupiter. The lyrics also reference the Black Lives Matter movement through a call to “Say Her Name” which addresses all the black women’s lives that have been lost to police brutality and other forms of violence against women of color throughout the world. Maya adds, “It is important to honor the women we have lost to violence and hold space for them. I also wanted to show how we are all connected globally and generationally in our various struggles. My Mother sent me a very special scarf to wear in the video; it comes from my Great-Grandmother’s village Çamlıhemşin, in Turkey. I wore it to honor my ancestors and to remind myself of the long line of women who fought for me.”

Keeping with Artivist tradition, especially in light of the state sanctioned violence against brown and black lives, Maya Jupiter’s intention is to instigate thought and discussion and to create generative moments that inspire people in the struggle.


About Artivist Entertainment

Artivist Entertainment is a Los Angeles based organization founded by Aloe Blacc, Maya Jupiter, Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzalez and Alberto Lopez; dedicated to supporting and creating music and art that inspires positive social change. For more information on Artivist Entertainment, please visit www.artivistentertainment.com.

Please contact Veronica Gonzalez at veronica@theelementmarketing.com for interview and video asset requests.

Video link goes live today at 7pm (PST):  https://youtu.be/7WMTvpoqOR8




Artista + Activista = Artivista! Sept. 16th Ford Event Image

Publicity Contacts:

Veronica Gonzalez


Phoebe Smolin






An Unforgettable Evening of Music and Art on September 16th at Ford Theatres


Eleven Women Illuminate the Stage with Thought Provoking Music

Incredible Line-Up Includes Iconic Punk Rocker Alice Bag, GRAMMY® Winning Latin Alternative Singer La Marisoul (La Santa Cecilia),
Future-Soul Godmother Georgia Anne Muldrow and more


Featuring Art Exhibit Curated by Self-Help Graphics and Installation by Renowned Master Altar Builder Ofelia Esparza


Ford Event Image

Artista + Activista = Artivista! Sept. 16th Ford Event Image (L-R: Medusa, Alice Bag, Ceci Bastida, Maya Jupiter, Martha Gonzalez, Irka Mateo, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kara Mack, Marisa Ronstadt, The Oracle Jayne Doe, La Marisoul)

Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2016): Artivist Entertainment presents an unforgettable evening of music and art by exemplary women artivistas (artist/activists) whose work focuses on stories of resistance, empowerment, equality and social justice that have inspired positive social change in their communities and beyond. The evening’s incredible line-up includes iconic punk rocker Alice Bag, GRAMMY® winning Latin alternative singer La Marisoul (of La Santa Cecilia), future-soul godmother Georgia Anne Muldrow, GRAMMY® winning Chicana singer-songwriter Martha Gonzalez (of Quetzal), hip-hop gangsta goddess Medusa, hip-hop artivist Maya Jupiter, alternative hip-hop mic rocker The Oracle Jayne Doe, Tijuana-born ska-punk rocker Ceci Bastida, Dominican Taino singer-folklorist Irka Mateo, indie-soul singer Marisa Ronstadt and world-soul singer/choreographer Kara Mack.

The evening features an exciting mix of musical styles including R&B, hip-hop, soul, Latin, punk, alternative rock and world music, by an impressive group of talented musicians mostly from Los Angeles. Artivist Entertainment, an organization created by a group of artists and industry professionals, including Aloe Blacc, brings these important visionaries together because they combine art and activism in a way that builds community while still creating extraordinary music and art. The evening’s set also includes memorable song collaborations never before presented live.

An art exhibit curated by the Los Angeles-based non-profit visual arts center Self-Help Graphics features art pieces by women in the community on display together with an installation by the renowned East L.A. master altar builder and educator Ofelia Esparza. She is widely known for her 30 years of Day of the Dead altar installations at Self-Help Graphics. Ofelia’s work has also been exhibited at prominent galleries and museums such as LACMA, The Mexican Fine Art Museum of Chicago and the Centro Cultural de Tijuana Mexico. The exhibit will take place on the Ford Theatres entryway plaza prior to the show.

Concert and Exhibit Details:

Friday, September 16th, 8:30 p.m.

Ford Theatres

2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East

Hollywood, CA 90068

Ticket prices start at $25; Reserved.

Tickets are available at FordTheatres.org or 323 461-3673 (for non-visual media 323-GO-1-FORD). To learn about discounts for groups of 10 or more, please visit FordTheatres.org



Artivist Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based organization founded by recording artists and entertainment industry professionals Aloe Blacc, Maya Jupiter, Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzalez and Alberto Lopez; dedicated to supporting and creating music and art that inspires positive social change. For more information on Artivist Entertainment, please visit www.artivistentertainment.com.



Following extensive renovations to this historic facility, the Ford Theatres have reopened for the 2016 Summer Season. The Ford is located just off the 101 Hollywood Freeway at 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90068, between Hollywood and Universal Studios in the Cahuenga Pass. The grounds open two hours before show time for picnicking. The Ford offers a number of dining options: a variety of food and beverages is available on site. Patrons are also welcome to bring their own food and drink. The Ford is disabled accessible. Portable wireless listening devices are available upon request.

Parking at the Ford is stacked and costs $5-$10 per vehicle for evening performances. New off- site parking location: a FREE shuttle services the parking structure located at 1710 N. Cherokee Avenue in Hollywood. Parking is $10 for Ford patrons. Shuttle departures begin two hours before show time and reservations are required. Metro riders: a FREE shuttle picks up from the Universal City/Studio City Metro Station (3913 Lankershim Blvd, Studio City 91604). The shuttle, which cycles every 20 minutes, stops in the “kiss and ride” area.

This event is part of the Ford Theatres 2016 Summer Season, a multidisciplinary arts series presented by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in cooperation with Los Angeles County arts organizations. A complete season schedule, directions to the amphitheatre and parking information can be found at FordTheatres.org.





Artivist Entertainment Part of Today’s L.A.C.E.R. Annual After School Programs Open Mic Vol. 5 in Hollywood

L.A.C.E.R. After School Programs Open Mic Vol 5 Flyer

Artivist Entertainment is thrilled to be part of today’s L.A.C.E.R. Annual After School Programs Open Mic Vol. 5!

They will feature Music, Poetry and Dance by the L.A.C.E.R. high school students at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (6522 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood) at 5pm, FREE. 

Hollywood High School‘s New Media Academy,Performing Arts Magnet, and L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs teamed up with Artivist Entertainment a few months back to start a music recording internship program for students to learn through their state-of-the-art recording facilities located right on the Hollywood High School campus. These students have written, recorded and produced their own original music to create social change in their community. In this special open mic night, students will perform their original works and then open the floor to those inspired to share their voice. This will be a true celebration of future artists who are committed to using an artistic platform to positively impact the world around us!

This is an open mic – we encourage everyone to share!

L.A.C.E.R. After School Programs Open Mic Vol 5 Flyer

L.A.C.E.R. After School Programs Open Mic Vol 5 Flyer


Maya Jupiter


Denim Day spokesperson and Emcee, Maya Jupiter’s new music video, presented by Artivist Entertainment, in partnership with Peace Over Violence and Justice For My Sister is a poignant, high-energy video that takes a stand for affirmative consent, just as Peace Over Violence’s prepares for its annual Denim Day rape prevention education campaign on Wednesday April 27th, 2016.

Watch the video and share it!


You have an opportunity to be an active participant through a fun multimedia project. Maya is inviting you to engage in the discussion by writing a fourth verse of the song.

We are excited for this collaboration and the contributions to ending rape culture via music, video, social media and educational platforms.

The music video features special appearances by Peace Over Violence Executive Director Patti Giggans, along with special guest actress-singer Sara Ramirez, Artivist Entertainment co-founder Aloe Blacc and Felicia Montes of the feminist organization Mujeres de Maiz.

Join the conversation #NEVERSAIDYESCONTEST

Community Coalition Partners with Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist Aloe Blacc

Community Coalition, South L.A. has partnered with Grammy-nominated artist Aloe Blacc to help bring art and music to South L.A.!

Community Coalition, South L.A. has partnered with Grammy-nominated artist Aloe Blacc to help bring art and music to South L.A.!

They are raising $25,000 to bring arts and music to #SouthLA. Your donations will help Community Coalition to professionalize and expand their Power Fest Music Festival, a venue that brings together artists, residents, and activists in a day of empowerment and community action.

Please support their ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ campaign and donate here:  http://bit.ly/Powerfest


Community Coalition, South L.A. has partnered with Grammy-nominated artist Aloe Blacc to help bring art and music to South L.A.!

Contact Us Here: